1. Is SOUL and other Rain Products organic?

Yes, SOUL is made from organic, non-GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) seeds and ingredients. Ingredients are freshly picked and freshly selected from our farms in the US.

2. Where is SOUL made? 

SOUL is made in a top of the line manufacturing facility in the US and is imported to over 40+ markets globally including the Philippines.

3. How do I drink it and when should I take it?

Just shake the packet (seeds may have settled inside), tear the top portion of the packet and sip. You can open the packet afterwards and consume leftover seeds inside. 

Take SOUL anytime you feel it is necessary. It is optimal to take it in the morning before breakfast and at night before sleeping.

4. Is it local FDA approved? 

Yes it has been registered and approved with the Food & Drug Administration of the Philippines with No Approved Therapeutic Claims. You may view the registration here from the FDA website:

5. Is it safe to drink more than 1 packet a day? 

Yes, you can drink as much as you think that is needed.

6. Is it safe to consume for pregnant women and children?

Yes they are, there are no artificial preservatives nor any harmful ingredient added to the product. But to be safe and sure, make sure the consumer has no allergies from any ingredients of the product.

Because SOUL is rich with Essential Fatty Acids, children will actually benefit from it if they start drinking at a young age.

7. What are the ingredients of SOUL?

SOUL is composed of various seeds (Black Cumin seeds, Black Raspberry seeds and Chardonnay Grape seeds) D-Ribose is also a main ingredient.

8. Is SOUL Vegan?

Yes, it is gluten free as well. It is also HALAL certified.

9. Does SOUL expire?

Our product carries an 18-month shelf life upon manufacturing and that's without artificial preservatives. That's impressive for an organic product!

10. Can I be a distributor of this product?

Absolutely! You can sign up as a Rain Distributor and enjoy product purchase discounts. There is no annual fee nor membership expiration. 

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